Hello... We are Mark and Diana from Charlotte, North Carolina. We hope that by reading our letter youíll get to know our heartís desire for a family. We greatly admire your strength, courage and love. We pray that the Lord comforts you and gives you his peace in the decision youíre considering for your child. We welcome a relationship with you and your family as we share in the joy of this child.
About Us
We just celebrated our seventh year of marriage. Our relationship is strong and happy, based on love and respect. Our Christian faith is our greatest strength. We both knew what we were looking for, and found it in each other. Having a family has always been our biggest dream. We are best friends and enjoy spending our time together. Our love grows everyday and we look forward to sharing this love with our first child.

Our Home
We live in a Charlotte North Carolina, a metropolitan city with lots to do and located near lakes and only a few hours from the beach and mountains. There are parks, pools, tennis courts, and miles of walking trails in our community. We rescued a small dog we named Bella and a cat named Abby who enjoy taking trips with us to the beach. We give them lots of love and attention. They are warm and sweet and will be great companions for our child.

We believe in giving our child unconditional love, a spiritual foundation and a good education. We will expose our child to the arts and provide opportunities to explore and develop talents. We hope to have lots of fun outdoors and spend time with family and friends.

We like to travel. We love to visit Diana’s family in New York where she’s originally from. In the summer, we like to take long weekends and go to the beach. We can’t wait to build sandcastles in the sand with our child! In the autumn, we like to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. While at home, we take walks on nearby walking and biking trails along the Dan River. Lake Hyco is minutes away where we can’t wait to take our child swimming and boating! We love having friends and family stay with us. In the winters, we enjoy a good book by a cozy fire. We also volunteer for our local arts council.

We love spending time at the beach
About Mark
“Mark is dependable and responsible. He makes me feel loved and secure. He has a flexible work schedule and six weeks of vacation a year. He looks forward to being an involved dad. I admire his diligent work ethic and how he provides for the family. He is gentle, loving and great with children. I can’t wait to see him teaching our child about fishing and gardening, and just playing around on the living room floor.”              -Diana

Uncle Mark playing with Sammy.

About Diana
“Diana is a very affectionate, caring and a nurturing person with a lot of love to give. It has been her lifelong dream to be a parent and she can’t wait to be a stay at home mom. She loves children and enjoys spending time with all of our nieces and nephews. She’s looking forward to stroller walks, bedtime stories, lots of hugs, and kisses. I admire Diana’s spirit of adventure because she has been to nine countries on missionary trips.”     -Mark   


Aunt Diana playing in the sand box with Sammy
About Our Family
Grandma has already set aside a room for our child when we go to visit. Nieces and nephews can’t wait to have another playmate. With us your child will have:
Bella and Abby
Aunt Diana doing Olivia’s nails

We’d love to hear from you!
You can learn more about us and open adoption by contacting the Independent Adoption Center at
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